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Smart Community project in full progress

January 17, 2019

A project for sustainable experiment.

Construction of the first sustainable and innovative houses of Smart Community is already visible. Very soon we will reach the highest point of the first Houses. Smart Community is a community of total 20 houses, which consists of 15 traditional houses and 5 futuristic houses and also a Visitor Center. There are 4 models of houses which vary from 106 m2 up to 140 m2 in size. The main goal of this pilot project is to make experiments of sustainability in different areas.

People who are going to live in this community and in these houses will experience as well enjoy sustainable aspects in their homes. The project will have experiments on 6 areas, outside and inside the house. One specific area is sustainable construction, referring to construction of similar houses to existing houses, however there will be introduction of basic adaptations (adjustments), for example construction of the houses taking into account the climate of our island to keep the temperature of the houses more fresh and pleasant. Other areas that will be explored are renewable energy, balance of the demand on the grid, reuse of water, electric vehicles and the human aspect.

Construction of the infrastructure is in the hands of Arubaanse wegenbouw and ALBO Aruba N.V. is in charge of the construction of the houses. According plans the delivery of the houses will be by the end of this year. This unique pilot project in Aruba ‘Smart Community’ consists of a consortium of 7 partners: the Government of Aruba, FCCA, WEB Aruba, Elmar, Setar, Utilities Aruba and TNO.

FCCA is charged with the management of the Smart Community housing. Initiation of the application process for people who want to live in the Smart Community will start in due time.

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