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Fundacion Cas Pa Comunidad Arubano


Fundacion Cas pa Comunidad Arubano (FCCA) is a foundation under the private law, founded by the Aruban Government in early 1979 with the objective of working towards solving the shortage of social housing and to offer proper housing to the Aruban families, especially those of less financial means.

From 1979 to 1992 FCCA’s activities were primarily financed by funds obtained under very favorable conditions from the Netherlands Government through the local Government. Since 1993, FCCA has been obtaining its funds from commercial loans, primarily from the local capital market.

FCCA is the housing mortgage bank for the Aruban families who are in need of adequate financing for the building of their first house, for the purchase of their house, and also for the renovation or enlargement of their existing house.

As real estate developer, FCCA provides all services related to the development of social housing projects for rental and sale purposes, but also the development of more commercial housing communities. These services do not only include the design of the social and commercial housing projects and communities, but also the supervision during the construction phase of the projects, and ultimately the financing of the purchase of the houses by the new owners through FCCA’s housing mortgage product.

Since 2004, FCCA is the insurance broker for its mortgage clients with regard to their life, liability, fire and burglary, and personal accident risk insurance coverages.
Recently, FCCA has added real estate brokerage to its line of services for the Aruban community.

Our employees, with their experience, skills and willingness to render service, constitute our most important asset in the relation with our market and our clients.

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