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As our mortgage client, FCCA is your insurance broker with regards to your decease risk insurance as well as the coverage for fire and burglary risk. FCCA also offers personal accident risk insurance coverage.

Our insurance policy covers:

  • Life insurance, offering clients an extensive coverage, in case of death. The insurance company pays off the outstanding debt of the client, leaving the next of kin debt-free.
  • Personal Accident insurance which covers disability as cause of an accident to the client and/or spouse, up to a certain percentage, depending on the degree of the disability suffered, and the percentage of coverage for that particular disability.
  • Extensive insurance policy in case of fire which covers fire or breaking and entering in your home. But also natural disasters. In case you lose your home or a part thereof- whether finished or still in construction – as result of a fire, the insurance company pays the value of the damage to the house to FCCA, who guides the client on the restoration of the house. This policy also covers damage caused by natural disasters
  • Extensive insurance policy for household furniture and personal items against fire and theft, breaking and entering.

As your broker

  • We process all the necessary paperwork
  • We offer a lower premium rate
  • You have the option to pay your premium in 12 monthly payments

Let us handle your insurance so you can rest assured. The extensive insurance policy covers damage caused by the following:

  • fire
  • lightening
  • explosion
  • water pipelines
  • aircrafts
  • car accidents
  • disturbance/uproar
  • strike
  • malicious damage
  • earthquake/tsunami
  • storm, hurricane, cyclone or tornado
  • flood, caused by storm, earthquake or tsunami
  • volcanic eruption
  • glass breakage

Do you have any questions in regards to our insurance services? We are here for you!

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