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Experience the Future of Homeownership with FCCA

Embark on your journey to homeownership with FCCA, the only mortgage bank in Aruba with a solid track record of building communities since 1979. Our customized mortgage solutions are designed to meet your individual needs, and we proudly reinvest our profits into social housing initiatives, contributing to a healthier society.

Our Mortgage Solutions:

  • Build or Buy: We offer mortgages to help you get your perfect home.
  • Renovate or Extend: Make your current home bigger or better.
  • Move-in Ready: Mortgages for finished or still being built homes.
  • Refinancing: Get more credit on your current FCCA loan.
  • Loan Transfer: Seamlessly transfer your existing loan from another institution to FCCA, and enjoy the flexibility of accessing additional funds.

Why Choose FCCA:

  • Attractive Rates: We have competitive interest rates, which makes it easier for more people to own a home.
  • Easy Repayment Plans: We know everyone’s money situation is different. We make repayment plans that work for you.
  • Longer Payment Terms: We offer longer payment terms of up to 40 years to help make monthly repayments easier (*some rules apply).
  • Free Custom Home Construction Plans: We help you own your dream home. We offer the option to choose from free pre-designed home-building plans when you sign up for a mortgage.
  • Affordable and Full Insurance: Our competitive rates cover fire, theft, personal accidents, and life insurance, ultimately protecting your investment.
  • Expert Construction Check-ups: Our professional check-ups make sure your building project is on track and meets the best quality.
  • Good Cost Estimates and Advice: We give optimum cost estimates and advice to help you make intelligent decisions.
  • More than Four Decades of Experience: We’ve been in this industry for over 40 years, showing our strong dedication and knowledge.
  • People-First Mentality: At FCCA, your priorities come first. We care about you and make sure our services align with your specific priorities.
  • Helping the Community: We do more than give mortgages. We use all our earnings to build Aruba’s social housing and community facilities. So, by choosing FCCA, you are helping your local community.


Just pass by our office any time during office hours.  Our expert team is eager to guide you through our mortgage solutions.


Please note that for our mortgage advisor to provide you with the best assistance, we kindly ask you to make sure to bring the following documents to your orientation appointment:

All applicants:

  • Valid ID
  • Proof of income
  • Last two monthly pay slips or last six bi-weekly pay slips (including commission slips, if applicable of both you and your partners’)
  • Registration papers (for non-Aruba-born residents)

For building a house:

  • Building permit
  • Plot plan
  • Legal land documents
  • D.O.W.-approved building & concrete details drawings

For buying a house:

  • Appraisal report (not older than 1 year)

Just exploring your options and don’t have everything ready just yet? No problem. Simply bring a valid ID and your last two pay slips – the rest can come later.

Would you prefer that we contact you?

Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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