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Smart Community Aruba

Smart Community Aruba entails the creation of a residential neighborhood in Aruba comprising of 20 houses geared at demonstrating sustainable living principles in a real life Aruban environment. To this extent the neighborhood will serve as a small scale environment for demonstrating sustainable energy technology specific to the Caribbean’s climatic conditions. Findings and results will lead to public dissemination towards Aruba’s people, businesses and/or education institutions. Moreover, results can inform policy making as to benefit Aruba as a whole.

Smart Community Aruba was founded in 2014 by a consortium comprising of the Government of Aruba, FCCA, Utilities NV, ELMAR, WEB ARUBA NV, SETAR and TNO Caribbean.

The Smart Community Aruba houses are outfitted with a wide array of innovative building materials and technological features with the goal to find out more about their contribution to sustainable living.

Since November 1, 2018, all 15 houses from phase 1 of the ‘Smart Community Aruba’ project have been rented out.

For more information please contact our office at (297)-5223222

FCCA Smart Community Booklet

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