FCCA - Fundacion Cas Pa Comunidad Arubano - No biba pa paga

Rules & Regulations

Campaign period

Start date: October 21st, 2022 - end date December 31st 2022

Kitchen with a value of: afl. 10.500 or an amount of afl. 10.500

For clients that are signing for a refinance or mortgage of afl.50.000 and up.

When choosing the amount afl. 10.500 as a prize, this can be deduced from the mortgage.


All (partner) promotions apply to all FCCA clients

Promotions are only applicable with the FCCA customer card, and a valid ID

Promotions do not apply for other family members (non-FCCA card holders)

FCCA Customer card

For FCCA clients that are not in possession FCCA client card, can apply directly with FCCA for a card.

Employees FCCA

FCCA employees are excluded from winning the prize of Afl. 10.500. Employees that are also a client of FCCA are allowed to make use of the FCCA promotions.